Landschulheim am Solling

Welcome to the Landschulheim am Solling or the “the LSH” as we call it.

On this website we would like to give you a general idea of our school. If required, our headmistress, Mrs Helga Volger, will gladly give you more information in English: Helga.Volger(at)

The Landschulheim is located right in the heart of Germany, in the southern part of Lower Saxony, the birthplace of the Grimm’s fairytales. The three largest cities in the vicinity are Paderborn in the West, Hannover in the North and Kassel in the South. We are  a Secondary High School, approved by the German government and the pupils graduate with an Abitur (High School Diploma).  The doors of every university and college is thus open for all our graduates.

Founded in the year 1909, the LSH looks back onto a hundred year old history and has just recently celebrated its centenary. The name itself says it all: country – school – home. It is located out in the country, offers a solid school education and a home for its borders, students and teachers alike. Interwoven with our school’s history are our traditions, i.e. our daily assembly at noon in the shade of our symbolic lime tree, where all boarding students, day scholars and the whole staff meet to exchange short information, announce birthdays or other news.

Of the 270 students altogether we have around 200 boarders, the others are day scholars who live in and around Holzminden. The boarders live in groups of eight to ten children. Each of these units are looked after by a teacher who is also their guardian, the person they can turn to any time outside lessons. The younger boarders share a spacious double room, our senior students and the graduates can live in single rooms.

In their spare time the students are provided with a vast number of extra curricular activities they can participate in.  To name a few, there is a boy’s and  a girl’s soccer team they can join, or they can learn scuba diving , play tennis, go horseback riding, join the Rugby team or the school’s fire brigade,  attend theatre workshops. We have a carpenter, a potter and a blacksmith who pass on their trade and skills to our students. The children can participate in various music ensembles or enrol in different UNESCO projects or participate in one of the many more other sport activities.

Especially for our guests from abroad attending our school is worth the stay since it is always so much easier to learn a foreign language when you are surrounded with German speaking classmates throughout the day. Every single one of our foreign students can receive extra language coaching, if there is the need. For our students from all parts of the world we offer extra excursions and visits to famous German cities nearby thus providing more insight into our cultural and environmental heritage.

The school fees:

Grade 5 - 12€ 2.500 / month
Day scholars€ 550 / month
Enrolment fees€ 150
Insurance€ 25 / year
School sweater€ 60

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